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Whitley Strieber, ET contact
Preparing for 5D and Open Contact with Non Human Intelligence with WHITLEY STRIEBER

Learn how to integrate your relationship with non-human intelligence (inc. E.T.) and why it is essential for grounding your ascension into extra-dimensional reality. PLUS: LEARN Techniques to initiate open ET contact!

Higher Journeys, Alexis Brooks


Higher Journeys Conscious Academy

Developed by founder and award-winning host of the Higher Journeys podcast Alexis Brooks, Higher Journeys Conscious Academy is for those who are looking for purpose-driven, actionable tools for individual evolutionary transformation, consciousness expansion and eventual emergence into the New Human we are becoming.

Each course topic is carefully selected, appointed to a leading subject matter expert and specifically crafted to meet the timely needs of conscious individuals looking to proactively integrate actionable and effective techniques into their lives, enabling a positive move into a higher frequency as an evolutionary individual right now!